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Why is the pneumonia vaccine not given to people under 65

It is not the case. In case of people under 65, this is given in the following cases – In people with organ transplants, in asthmatic people, among smokers, in people with COPD or lung or heart or renal problems, people with HIV or spleen removals tend to get this vaccine

Do patients after the age of 65 receive the pneumonia vaccine

The shot is given at 65 years of age. This is when you would not have received the same shot in the preceding 5 years duration. Your immunity would go down as you age and hence this process

He is known for his discovery of a vaccine to prevent pneumonia infections in the epidemics after wo

Let me know if you are talking about Pasteur? Louis Pasteur was behind the rabies vaccine. He successfully demonstrated it to the public in 1881

How do i know which pneumonia vaccine i got

PCV7 is usually given for children under 2 or under 5 years of age if they had missed the same when they were under 2 years of age. PPSV is the latest pneumonia vaccine that is in vogue today

How long does pneumonia vaccine last

Pneumonia vaccine lasts for the whole life. But this might not be if you have a lessened resistance in your body. Depending on your age and immunity, your doctor might ask you to take the vaccine once in 5 or more years

How often pneumonia vaccine given

Pneumonia vaccine is given only once in life for all healthy people. For immuno compromised individuals, the medical practitioner might offer the same once in 5 or more years. If you are at 65 and if it had been more than 5 years since you got the vaccine last, you might be asked to take another shot

Is pneumonia vaccine live?

There are 2 variants of the vaccine. PPSV23 and PCV7. All contain the dead form of the bacteria. So they help in the production of antibodies that defend against the 23 types of pneumococcal bacteria

Who should get a pneumonia vaccine

All of those who have a lessened body resistance should get this vaccine. It is mainly meant for those who have a lowered body resistance. PCV7 is for kids under 2 or under 5 and PPSV is for adults

Does getting pneumonia vaccine help flu complications

Pneumonia vaccine helps in the protection against the onset of pneumonia that is caused by 23 different variants of pneumococcal bacteria. When the flu complicates, then you might be able to defend against the 23 serotypes of bacteria with ease if you have had the pneumonia vaccination at an earlier point of time

If you currently have pneumonia should you get the vaccine

If you are suffering from pneumonia, the vaccine that is got after the contraction might not help. You have to take up medications as prescribed by a doctor. Both PCV7 and PPSV23 are not considered for treating the ailment

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