Is Pneumonia Contagious

Is Pneumonia really contagious?

Before we go ahead and discuss on ‘is pneumonia contagious’, it is imperative that we get an idea of this really is and what are the usual root causes that can induce the disease in human beings? Once we get to know these details, we would really be able to understand the contractible nature of this disease with ease.

What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia refers to the infection or the inflammation of the lung tissues within our body. The lung tissues usually refer to the air sacs (commonly known as the alveoli) and the air tubes (popularly called as the bronchi). Rubor in any of these is very commonly referred to ‘Pneumonia’

Root Causes of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is usually caused by bacteria and viruses. Unusually, this disease can also be caused by microorganisms too.

Is Pneumonia Contagious?

As such, the disease itself is not transmittable. But the disease causing agents are contractible and can easily spread the disease to other persons nearby. In particular, the viruses that cause pneumonia are highly contagious and tend to spread the disease with ease.

The viruses that cause common cold can also cause pnuemonia. The same virus that causes common cold in one person can cause pneumonia in the other depending on the levels of body immunity.

When you get a cold or a cough, make sure that you maintain cleanliness. Wash your hands and legs frequently. Hand wash is important before a meal. Just try not to get mixed with people around before you completely recover from cough and cold. Try to isolate the utensils and glasses that you use for they might be point of contacts for spreading the disease to the others at home.

Aged people generally contract pneumonia due to viral or bacterial infection while people under the age of 40 contract mycoplasmal pneumonia.

Mycoplasmal pneumonia is highly contagious but can be treated with the right antibiotics with ease. Pneumonia caused by acute cough resembling tuberculosis is also very contagious. Once the symptoms are visible, in addition to researching on ’is pneumonia contagious’ make sure that you contact your medical practitioner immediately and commence the treatment as early as possible.