What is Pneumonia

Pneumonia Treatment & Prevention

What is Pneumonia?

Viruses or bacteria are responsible for causing infection or inflammation in lungs, which is known as pneumonia.  The infection is also caused by inhaling foul smell or other unusual foreign substances/pollutants.  The problem arises when lungs are blocked with mucus or pus and are unable to function properly.   

Various Types of Pneumonia


Along with ‘what is pneumonia’, , it is important to know its different types.  As the bacteria play a major role in causing pneumonia, it has proven to be infectious and commonly referred as Sterptococcus pneumonia.  Viruses also take part in inducing pneumonia and in such cases it is termed as atypical pneumonia.  Aspiration pneumonia is a different type of pneumonia and cannot spread to others.  It is caused due to the inhalation of fumes of chemicals such as gasoline, pool cleaners, bug sprays and other similar substances.  The patient suffers from irritation and swelling in lungs due to irresistibility.  In pneumonia, the lungs get affected severely.  In lobar pneumonia, one part of the lung is affected, and in bronchial pneumonia, the patches can be found out throughout the lungs and as such both the lungs are affected. 

Treatment for Pneumonia


Having understood ‘what is pneumonia’, it is essential to know how to treat it effectively.  The treatment depends upon the severity and causes of it.  Antibiotics are effective in treating bacterial pneumonia.   

Some simple methods can be followed in the house.  Take sufficient rest until the body returns to normal temperature. Ensure that you get a complete relief from breathing problems and chest pain.  Drink eight glasses of water everyday for this would ease the mucous to cough up smoothly. Avoid hot steam and use vaporizer or cool-mist humidifier.   

If the fever and chest pain is high, take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to suppress it.  Follow the instruction of the physician.  In case medicines are not helpful, do not hesitate to call the doctor. In the treatment of aspiration pneumonia, the general focus is given on clearing up the breathing tube.  In severe cases, endotracheal tube is inserted and oxygen is pumped through it for congestion.  Suction not only removes the blockage such as chemicals and other foreign substances but also clears the respiratory passage. 

Treatment of pneumonia is difficult for infants under one year and elderly people.  Others can recover completely from this disease with ease.

Preventing Pneumonia

Pneumococcal vaccine is helpful in preventing bacterial pneumonia.  This vaccination does not prevent other types of pneumonia and people with less immunity and viral pneumonia.  Vaccination is given only once in a life time. In case of necessity, with the advice of the doctor, take the second dose of vaccination.  The vaccination is useful for those who are maintaining good health, people above sixty five years of age and people with diabetes and heart problems.  Eating healthy food and developing clean and hygienic habits are important protective measures that can be adhered to.