What is walking pneumonia?

Pneumonia is explained as lung alveolar inflammation and abnormal fluid filling in the lungs.  The alveoli are the tiny air sacs in the lungs helpful in absorbing oxygen.  The causes for Pneumonia are many.  Bacteria, fungi, parasite and viruses are responsible for the infection.  Physical or chemical injury also may be the reason for the disease.

We can find Pneumonia in all age group of people and the disease proves to be fatal in case of the aged if they are chronically ill due to this disease.  People can also use vaccination to avoid Pneumonia.  Then, what is walking pneumonia? Walking pneumonia is an outdated term used for pneumonia, and it does not require hospitalization.  The patients who have lung infection are termed to suffer from walking pneumonia.  They visit the doctor often and take regular medicines.  They can be treated as outpatients if they are not seriously affected by the infection.

Common Symptoms

There are many reasons for mild pnemonia.  When the person is having flu it is associated with fever, cough body ache and headache.  Running nose is quite common in this condition.  Most of them recover fast.  The situation becomes very serious and fatal to some of them, but in case of others they come out of the infection, which is often called as ‘walking pneumonia’.

Hidden Symptoms

Pneumonia is also caused due to influenza virus.  The person may not feel ill, but the infection is visible through x rays.  This is also known as walking pneumonia and the virus responsible for the disease is primary influenza pneumonia.  The illness is termed as severe when it affects both the lungs badly.  In order to ease the condition of the patient, he/she is put on breathing machines.

The other viruses capable of causing mild pnuemonia are adevirus, respiratory syncytial virus and para-influenza virus. The viral infection of the above viruses can be detected through sophisticated equipments.  The affected persons have to complete the course of medicine to get a complete cure.

Similar Symptoms due to Infection of Other Viruses

Mycoplasma pneumonia causes walking pneumonia with mild fever, sore throat and dry cough.  Patients may suffer from difficulty in breathing though admission in hospitals is not required.  Chlamydia is another virus with similar symptoms.  By doing special test, we can differentiate the virus that has caused the disease.

Treatment is Essential

When the doctor diagnoses the patient’s condition to be ‘walking pneumonia’, it is recommended that the patient takes proper dosage of the anti-biotic.  Anti-biotic is helpful in curing bacterial (but not viral) pneumonia. Antibiotics to treat a viral infection can cause other issues. Please talk to your doctor about this.
If the condition does not improve, then the patients are advised to get admitted in the hospitals for the specific diagnosis.  Negligence may lead to death. So, take care of your health.