Category: Pneumonia Symptoms

  • What are the symptoms of walking pneumonia

    Walking pneumonia manifests in the form of cough, sneeze, chills, ever fatigue and headache. Even nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can be seen. The signs develop slowly when compared to other forms of pneumonia

  • What are the symptoms of dust pneumonia

    Coughing, sneezing, soreness in throat and high fever are most common. Chest pain, breathing problems and wheezing can be present. Skin rash or color change can also occur due to insufficient supply of oxygen

  • What are the symptoms for pneumonia

    The signs of pneumonia are common and depends on the type and sensitivity. The most common ones include fever, cough, throat sore, wheezing, problems in breathing and intense chest pain. Skin color change or skin rash can also be seen. Diarrhea and nausea are seen in case of mycoplasma pneumonia

  • What are symptoms of pneumonia

    Pneumonia symptoms can be high fever, rough cough, tiredness, breathing challenges, wheezing and pain in the chest. Even skin color change might also be visible. Some types of pneumonia can be associated with nausea and diarrhea too

  • What are the signs symptoms treatment and medications of bronchial pneumonia

    Signs can be pain in the chest, chills, high fever, fatigue, coughing blood or sputum and breathing challenges. Medications include aminoglycoside and penicillin based drugs. Treatment can involve oxygen therapy, rest and postural drainage

  • What are the signs symptoms treatment and medications of broncho pneumonia

    Chest pain, phlegm or sputum production, fatigue, fever, breathing difficulties along with chills ar3e the usual signs of pneumonia. Cephalosporin or penicillin based drugs are given. Aminoglycoside is also given. Treatment constitute postural drainage, oxygen therapy and rest

  • What are the symptoms of pneumonia

    This depends on the type of pneumonia. Mainly it constitutes fever,soreness in throat, chest pain, breathing difficulties and sputum production. Wheezing might be seen in some cases. Diarrhea and vomiting can occur in case of mycoplasma pneumonia