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What are symptoms of walking pneumonia

Signs develop very slowly. It takes a week to two in this case. General fatigue, malaise, pain or discomfort in the chest, chills, fever and sore throat are common. Sputum is very much seen.

Feral cat has pneumonia like symptoms

First and foremost, check for the dominating fever and drudged breathing. Remember to check whether the skin color is changing to blue. If you see that the fever is present along with these, consultation with a doctor and antibiotics can really help

Pneumonia symptoms when to hospital

The signs that are seen in the lung often require medical help. Chest pain and wheezing might become acute and might require medical help. If fever shoots up or the cough is bloody, it is imperative to get a doctor’s help immediately

What are symptoms of atypical pneumonia

The symptoms development is relatively slow. It might even take weeks in this case. Major ones are fever, chills, fatigue, diarrhea and vomiting. Sin rashes also is visible at times

What are the symtoms of pneumonia is fever one of the symptoms

Pneumonia is often characterized by fever. Even chest pain, shortness of breath and breathing challenges are very common. Pleurisy occurs if there is fluid accumulation in the pleura. Tiredness and extreme weakness are visible

Are h1n1 symptoms similar to pneumonia

H1N1 infection signs are quite similar to pneumonia. Some of the common ones include fatigue, tiredness, fever, sore throat, chills and sneezing. Even the diarrhea and vomiting that occurs in mycoplasma pneumonia is visible in h1n1 infection

What are the physical symptoms of pneumonia

Pneumonia is characterized by weakness and fever. The other signs can include breathing challenges, cyanosis, and acute chest pain and sputum production. Pleurisy is yet another sign of pneumonia. Diarrhea and vomiting might be seen if it is mycoplasmic

Pneumonia + symptoms + is it contagious

Symptoms involve fever, discolored sputum, cough, sneeze, elevated body temperature, chills, fatigue and chest pain. Breathing problems, shortness of breath and pleurisy might also be seen. The ailment is definitely contagious

What are the symptoms of bronchial pneumonia

Bronchial pneumonia is a special type of pneumonia which would require doctor’s attention at the earliest. It might manifest as fever, pleurisy, chills, tiredness, chest pain, challenges in breathing and coughing up sputum or blood. Skin color change to blue can happen if there is deprivation in oxygen supply

What are the signs and symptoms of pneumonia

Signs are all common in any type of pneumonia though there are minor differences. Major ones are fever, cough, sneeze, cold, tiredness, breathing issues, chest pain, pleurisy and sputum production. Diarrhea can occur if it is myclplasma pneumonia