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How long does it take for you to have symptoms of pneumonia

Generally the ailment becomes visible in 1-3 days after infection. But this might depend on the immunity that you have. The variant of infection is also a determinant factor for this

After having the bronchitis shot can you get pneumonia without symptoms

There is a possibility of contracting pneumonia which originates from a rare strain after taking bronchitis shot. It is possible as the rare strain may not be included in the shot. The shot offers you protection against 23 strains of pneumonia pathogens.

After having the asthma shot can you get pneumonia without symptoms

Asthmatics are generally more likely to contract severe infections from pneumococcus. Hence, it is important for asthmatics to get immunized against pneumococcus. You cannot have pneumonia after asthma shot.

A guide for helping children with asthma

Children suffering with severe attacks of asthma are treated with bronchodilators given in a nebulizer or an inhaler. Children with more persistent asthma, inhale a moderate or high dose of a corticosteroid daily. While children with mild and infrequent attacks take drugs only during an attack.

How long can you have pneumonia symptoms get bad

It is better to seek help when you have slight hints about possible pneumonia. The signs might get bad within 2 days or even a week or so. This depends on the immunity that you have. This differs from person to person too

After having the pneumonia shot can you get pneumonia without symptoms

PPSV-23 usually induces the production of antibodies against 23 different strains of pathogens. However, there is a chance that you might get affected by rare and uncommon strains. In such cases, you might get the ailment even after a shot. Get checked up and treated soon

How long will symptoms of pneumonia last after starting antibiotic?

The time frame would not be the same with every one. It is also based on the medicine that you take. It is usually 2-7 days. However, the probability of diseases transmission drastically reduces within a day or 2.

When should i see the doctor for pneumonia symptoms

Shortness of breath and intolerable pain in the chest can be signs of emergency. Even a high fever can induce docot’s help. If the patient has bad wheezing, you have to seek medical help quickly

Can pneumonia symptoms mimic congestive heart failure

This is possible. Since the chest pain is acute and pneumonia is related to wheezing and shortness of breath, this is very much possible. But, rather than being in doubt, it is recommended that you check with your doctor. Chest x ray pr bronchoscopy can really help

What are the symptoms of pneumonia in a child

In a child, the chest infection is not oten visible. The ailment manifests itself as fever, The child might become severely ill. Weakness and a lethargic attitude is quite common in case of getting affected with pneumonia