Can pneumonia symptoms mimic congestive heart failure

Yes. It can. Since the pneumonia patient is likely to have chest pain, wheezing and breathing difficulties, he can often be unsure of the correct ailment. Chest x ray, blood test, bronchoscopy and sputum sampling can help in diagnosis of pneumonia

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  1. My husband is 60 and 3 weeks ago had was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs. After finishing his antibiotics he felt he was having a relaps. Pain in his back, some congestion, and very tired. They did a chest Xray and found his heart enlarged and diagnosed him with Congestive Heart Failure. Could the pneumonia have contributed to his CHF?

  2. My niece has been showing signs of what they think was congestive heart failure and then thought was pneumonia…put her antibiotics for pneumonia but she got worse, Doctors say they dont know what is wrong, but she is continuing to get worse…If anybody has known anybody who has gone through this or experinced symptons similar please please help we dont know what is wrong with our sweet baby giril

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