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What are the symptoms of viral pneumonia

Body aches, low fever, tiredness and cough are common. Cough can be present with mucus. Viral pneumonia can go undetected for weeks too. So care and instant treatment can help a lot

What r the symptoms of pneumonia

Fever chills, cough with mucus and fatigue are common. chest pain is common too. Pleurisy can occur. Getting treated as early as possible helps

Pneumonia symptoms in children when to go to the hospital

Acute chest pain, high fever and acute dehydration or bad wheezing necessitates the attention of a doctor. Even if minor signs are present and they indicate a possible pneumonia, it is better to get treated! Indications of lack of oxygen can be a warning too

How long can you have bacterial pneumonia symptoms get bad

Bacterial pneumonia is very much visible within days and at the maximum a week. This is unlike viral pneumonia that can go for week without detection. Getting treated soon is however important

What are the symptoms of pneumonia

Symptoms touch the respiratory track. Fever, chills, chest pain, coughing mucus, tiredness and sputum production are very common. Dehydration can be present too

Can pneumonia symptoms mimic chf?

Pneumonia can be accompanied by chest pain. Pleurisy is also common. As such the signs can mimic chf.

Can you have pneumonia without symptoms

Generally, pneumonia would have visible signs. But walking pneumonia might not have very disturbing signs however. But it is vital to get treated as and when you are suspicious of having got into this ailment

Pneumonia when do symptoms subside

It is important to take medicines. Antibiotics can help in alleviating the symptoms within 3 days time. Treating with medicines can only help a lot in this regard

What are the symptoms of mycoplasma pneumonia

Mycoplasma pneumonia is walking pneumonia. You are likely to have high temperature, soreness in throat and chills. But the signs are not very irritating or disturbing. Dehydration is also sometimes visible

Pneumonia what are the symptoms

The signs of pneumonia is seen across the respiratory system. You might undergo a high fever, tiredness, coughing, soreness in throat, sneezing and chest pain. Pleurisy can also be seen. You might also have dehydration in any form