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What causes viral pneumonia

Mycoplasma pneumonia is less contagious than the other type of pneumonia. When people get close with the patient of this disease it slowly infect to them. The causative factor of pneumonia is mycoplasma pneumonia bacteria

Scientist who studied the causes pneumonia

Bacterial pneumonia is contagious. It remains contagious till the patient does not taken antibiotics. The capacity to transmission is reduced, 48 hours after taking the antibiotics.

Why is pneumonia why in the top 10 leading causes of death in the us?

Walking pneumonia is airborne. It spreads with the releases of saliva or nasal secretions into the air. So it is contagious.

How herpes simplex causes pneumonia

Bacterial pneumonia is usually contagious. Bacterial infections in infants, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems can cause serious complications or even death.

What causes pneumonia in hiv patients

Walking pneumonia spread through prolonged contacts and airborne particles. It is contagious. It is caused by mycoplasma pneumoniae

What bacteria causes pneumonia

The causative factor of acute pneumonia is bacteria. It can affect one or both the lungs. It is a contagious condition.

What causes fungal pneumonia

Walking pneumonia spread through prolonged contacts and airborne particles. It is contagious for children. The origin of walking pneumonia is bacterial.

What causes pneumonia with the flu

Pneumonia is a lung infection. Every type of pneumonia is contagious. But the virus and bacteria related pneumonia are all the more contagious.

What kind of pneumonia causes fibrotic tissue to form in the lungs

Pneumonia is contagious both in adults and children. Bacterial pneumonia can be transmitted. To keep the child safe from the infection antibiotics are prescribed.

What causes necrotizing pneumonia

The mycoplasma pneumonia bacteria can be transmitted easily via airborne water droplets, sneezing or coughing of an infected person. So it is indeed contagious. The transmission can take place from one person to another.