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Allergies triggering asthma

Few of the allergies can trigger asthma. Particular airborne allergies are more prone to asthma. Due to the allergies, the airway in a person gets swollen making breathing tough. This results in asthma.

What kind of bacteria causes pneumonia

When anyone gets affected by pneumonia he will be contagious both long or short lasting. Most of the time it takes a short period to prevent. Only in the case of viral pneumonia it takes a long time to prevent.

What causes a baby to be born with pneumonia

Viral pneumonia can last a long time. Several time it takes 4 to 6 weeks to prevent. In this period as a contagious disease it spreads the infection.

What causes cat urine to smell like pneumonia

Basal pneumonia spreads the infection easily to other people. So the basal pneumonia is contagious. The spread can be direct or indirect.

What causes hospital acquired pneumonia

A dog infected by pneumonia can spread the infection easily. A cute dog attracts the human. By this process it can infect. So it means contagious.

What causes fluid in the lungs after pneumonia from mrsa

Bacterial type pneumonia is mycoplasma pneumonia. It affects slowly to the general people from the patient. So it is less contagious.

What causes a pneumonia

Like other types of pneumonia strep pneumonia is less contagious. This type of pneumonia can further develop in sinusitis. Spread takes place through throat and nose.

Causes that can lead to pneumonia

Walking pneumonia Is always contagious. After taking antibiotic for this disease it will take 48 hours to be contagious. After this period the patient will be free of this disease.

What causes bronchial pneumonia

Pneumonia is a disease which affects both adult and child. It is mostly contagious. Childs get infected by pneumonia when been exposed to the infected person.

What causes pneumonia after surgery

Pneumonia is an abnormal inflammatory condition of the lung. It is contagious depending on the disease type. The spread is slow in healthy persons.