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What chemo drug causes pneumonia

Walking pneumonia isn’t contagious after 48 hours of taking appropriate antibiotics. Proper treatment in due time can save children from pneumonia. The causative factor of pneumonia is bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Scientist who studied the causes of pneumonia

Pneumonia is transferable. It has the ability to spread via the air. So it is definitely contagious. It’s origin is bacterial.

What causes dust pneumonia

Viral pneumonia can be caused by different kinds of viruses. It is contagious. Anyone coming in contact with these infected objects get infected with this condition.

What causes pneumonia

Pneumonia is a contagious lung infection caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. It is an inflammation of the lung. The pneumonia symptoms begin with cold which is followed by high fever, shaking chills along with cough that has sputum production.