Category: Walking Pneumonia

  • What is walking viral pneumonia

    Walking pneumonia is caused by mycoplasma pneumoniae while viral pneumonia is caused by viruses like adenovirus and influenza virus. Both the type of infection can be categorized into a class of pneumonia called atypical pneumonia. This pneumonia is not severe unlike typical pneumonia which is generally severe.

  • My toddler has been around someone with walking pneumonia

    If your toddler had been around some body who has been down with walking pneumonia, there is a possibility that your toddler might have been infected since walking pneumonia is contagious. But this depends on his body resistance too. But if some signs of this ailment are visible, please contact doctor immediately and get proper medications on time although the ailment as such is uncomplicated.

  • Why is penicillin ineffective in treatment of walking pneumonia

    Certain types of bacteria tend to be resistant to some class of drugs. M.Pneumoniae is one species of bacteria that are resistance to pencillin class of drugs. That is why treating walking pneumonia with Polymox, Unasyn, Augmentin, Zosyn Timentin prove to be ineffective.

  • Will walking pneumonia go away on its oqn?

    Walking pneumonia is generally not complicated. It can go away on its own. But please take proper medications after talking to your doctor. This is very important if you want to have a speedy recovery and intend to curb the contagious nature of this ailment.

  • Yesterday’s gone walking to new orleans love letters twist rockin pneumonia the man who shot liberty

    Oh! Check the boogie woogie blues if you are down with rocking pneumonia. Beyond all that, ensure that you talk to your medical practitioner and get antibiotics as per his prescription. Take them on time to get out of this quickly

  • Can the incubation for walking pneumonia be longer than 3 weeks

    Walking pneumonia is likely to show up anytime from one to four weeks since the infection gets into the body. This exact time period often is determined by ones body immunity. If the immunity is very less, then the person tends to get easily infected by this ailment.

  • What are the signs of walking pneumonia

    Walking pneumonia manifests initially with sore throat and cold. However this gets bad after couple of weeks. Skin rash, chills, fever, muscle pain, ear pain, nausea, vomiting and dehydration might also be seen

  • What are symptoms of walking pneumonia

    The signs of walking pneumonia include headache, muscle pain, fever, throat pain, swollen glands, chills, skin rashes, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. If not treated on time, this might cause bronchitis, infections in ear and sinusitis. The cough generally worsens in a couple of weeks since the contraction of this disease.

  • How do you get walking pneumonia

    When an infected patient sneezes, he is likely to release the infected particles into air. Even his coughing releases the infection into the air. When an uninfected person is around, he tends to take in the infected air and get the infection

  • How to diagnose walking pneumonia

    Physical exam, observance of symptom pattern and chest x rays are the most common methods of walking pneumonia diagnosis. CF antibody test and m.pneumonia test can also be done. Culture tests are taken too but they take time to grow!