Category: Walking Pneumonia

  • What are the symptoms of walking pneumonia

    Soreness in throat, cold, runny nose, dry cough, sleepless nights due to bad coughing are few common symptoms of walking pneumonia. Swollen glands and chills might be seen in adults while children tend to have nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

  • Is walking pneumonia bacterial?

    Mycoplasma bacteria are the cause of walking pneumonia. Since this is a type of bacteria, walking pneumonia proves to be a bacterial infection. It gets transmitted via airborne particles.

  • Walking pneumonia contagious how long

    Walking pneumonia proves to be contagious for 15-20 days since symptoms show up. It is better if you get treated with antibiotics since that would reduce the extent of transmission. The infection is usually transmitted through air.

  • Why does walking pneumonia make me so tired

    Tiredness is common if you get infected with walking pneumonia. Your body’s immunity goes for a task and that is why you would have tiredness when infected. Generally nothing else is severe inc ase of walking pneumonia

  • Is walking pneumonia contagious?

    The infectious particles are those ejected into the air by the infected person. The ailment tends to spread easily when the infected person is associated with social gatherings in public places since the air borne particles around him get infected when he coughs or sneezes. As such, this has proven to be very contagious. Treatment with antibiotics can minimize the transmission

  • What is walking pneumonia

    Walking pneumonia is like regular pneumonia. It can be caused by mycoplasma bacteria. Since the infected person in case of walking pneumonia is able to carry on with his daily activities, it is termed as walking pneumonia.

  • Can you die from walking pneumonia

    Usually walking pneumonia does not prove to be fatal. Secondary complications might include sinus, dry cough and bronchitis. Hemolytic anemia, rashes on skin and severe pneumonia might be the other complications. Children tend to suffer from croup if timely treatment for walking pneumonia is not offered.

  • Is walking pneumonia contagious

    Walking pneumonia is contagious. The infection mainly spreads through the airborne particles that are ejected out from the infected person. Mycoplasma Bacteria are the main cause of this ailment.