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  • Can walking pneumonia turn into pneumonia

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  • Can i catch walking pneumonia

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  • What is the difference between a walking pneumonia and pneumonia

    Pneumonia is considered to be severe. But walking pneumonia is a type of atypical pneumonia which is not severe. Pneumonia can be caused by versatile organisms like viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi while walking pneumonia is caused by mycoplasma bacteria. While walking pneumonia is unresponsive to penicillin class of drugs, pneumonia caused by other bacteria can be treated with antibiotics.

  • Should you treat the cough associated with walking pneumonia

    Cough associated with walking pneumonia should definitely be treated. Only then, you can curb the infectious nature of walking pneumonia. Further, treating it can also help you to be away from complications like bronchitis.

  • Baby walking pneumonia is it contagious

    Walking pneumonia is contagious unless proper medications are taken on time. After 48 hours of the first dose of antibiotics, the contagious nature of the disease is likely to wean!

  • Why do i sweat at night with walking pneumonia

    Excessive sweating is often associated with low energy, increased anxiety and low endurance. Hence it’s likely to be present if you are infected with respiratory infections, lung infections, HIV problems or tuberculosis.

  • What is walking pneumonia

    Walking pneumonia is a lung infection caused by bacteria and it is a type of atypical pneumonia. This is mild when compared to typical pneumonia. But it is recommended that it has to be treated timely to avoid complications like infections in ear, bronchitis and sinusitis.

  • How to tell if i have walking pneumonia

    Walking pneumonia generally starts manifesting itself with sore throat, cold and fever. If these worsen in 2 weeks, then you can have an appointment with your doctor. Based on symptoms seen and with the help of lab tests, chest x ray sputum and culture test, your doctor would give you medications and diagnose the real cause of the symptoms with ease

  • How do you diagnose walking pneumonia

    Walking pneumonia is generally diagnosed with the help of physical examination and querying on the visible symptoms. Then a culture test, a sputum test or a chest x ray might be helpful in detection. CF antibody test or a m.pneumoniae test can also be useful in diagnosis.

  • How long are you contagious after taking antibiotics with walking pneumonia

    Dr. Sara Dumond of the Baby Magazine states that an infected patient continues to have the capability to transmit walking pneumonia for 2 days since the intake of his first dose of antibiotic medications. After this, it is very viral that the infected patient completes his full dosage of antibiotics even if he feels better without them. It is better that he keeps away from social gatherings till he recovers completely

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